Advanced Open Water Diver

Advanced Open Water Diver

The course is as follows:

  • Students get a pack of books and start reading them throughly

Ocean Diving

  • We will dive 5 times
  • Diving 1.
  • We emphasize the suit and buoyancy and we perform some exercises
  • Diving 2.
  • We emphasize the compass and its correct use, follow it and find our way to reach the shore.

We start by using the compass on dry land first, and later on we practice at sea.

  • Diving 3.
  • Deep diving, we dive to a 30 meter depth and do a series of exercises
  • Diving 4 and 5
  • Free diving which the students suggest themselves

What is included in the course

  • All the educational material from PADI
  • All the necessary diving gear for the course
  • International diving certificate from PADI

Fee: 110,000. ISK


The course fee can´t be refunded in case a student cancells his/her participation before the course´s end.